Remembering Dad

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  1. cathy says:

    What a sweet tribute to your father!!! Love you girls!!!

  2. Kate says:

    Such a lovely and touching tribute to your dad. Crying as I type this. I, also, lost my dad when he was 61. He died very suddenly with no warning when I was a senior in college. I empathize with you…it’s a huge void, one that you learn to accept over time but one than can never be filled. Beautiful photos and memories. xo


  3. Sherry Jones-Dodd says:

    How touching your tribute to your wonderful father!
    I had the pleasure of meeting your mother at the Watercolor shop that she works partime. Our son, Justin, had flown in to spend the Mother’s Day weekend with us there and long story short we found out he was friends on Facebook with one of you! Keep up the incredible work you all do!! It’s amazing !!

  4. Tanya says:

    LOVE the tribute to your dad! He is always with you and watching over you and I know his heart is full of love and pride for each one of you. Well done! Tanya

  5. Casey says:

    My dad passed away in 2005, this time of year is always rough. Ill be thinking of you ladies!

  6. Caroline says:

    Very touching tribute to your darling daddy! So lucky that I had the chance to know him and I know he is looking down on you all and is SO very proud of each of you. Sending lots of love to you all always.


  7. Sydney Leonard says:

    Made me tear up. I still remember hearing the news about your dad while living in the Pi Phi house. You are so fortunate to have loving sisters, and I know Perennial Style would be one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences your dad referenced.

    Sending love!
    Syd & Alex