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“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

With today being June 13 and Sunday being Father’s Day, we wanted to do a special post today in remembrance of our father. Four years ago today, our dad passed away from melanoma less than two months after his diagnosis at the age of 53. Though this was by far the hardest event we’ve ever experienced, we were so fortunate to have such an amazing role model in our lives.

Trying to find words to describe how wonderful our father was is nearly impossible. He taught us the importance of kindness and to treat each individual with respect, as you never know what kind of battle that person could be fighting. He always had a positive outlook on life and was the most compassionate person I’ve ever known. He mastered the balance of hard work and family, and with our mom, never missed a ballet recital, cheer competition, or tennis match despite what commitments he had. He taught us the value of giving back to the community through volunteer organizations and non-profits by serving on the board of every organization, as well as the impact one can make by lending a helping hand to those less fortunate.

He gave us culture and knowledge through endless traveling, which is a passion we will forever continue to explore. We can never thank him enough for allowing us to leave our small town in Alabama to attend boarding school in Virginia, guiding us to where we are today, despite how much he and our mom missed us. He always encouraged us to take those once-in-a-lifetime experiences to help us grow as a person. He was our biggest supporter, and though our time with him was short, we are the luckiest girls I know.

As each day passes and we continue to grow, we strive to live each day with the morals and lessons he bestowed upon us. Though it has been a hard road these past four years, the three of us girls and our amazing mom have become four of the strongest women I know. We can only imagine our dad would be proud to see where we all are today and how close our family has and will always remain.

We wanted to share one of our favorite quotes from our dad that we think we should all remember:

“We should always be trying to achieve something, but remember that relationships, not achievements, will give you the greatest feelings.” – Dad

Happy Father’s Day!


Family Vacation in Turks & Caicos215562_1014839142642_3133_n

Christmas Eve pajama tradition


Our wonderful and loving family

Home in Destin, FL

Family trip to the Caribbean 27275_1209924179646_2567441_n

Skeet shooting at SMU Pi Phi Dad’s Weekend


Brunch at Commander’s Palace1916328_1298620557000_579002_n

Father Daughter Banquet226895_1008405002724_5126_n

Dinner in New Orleans34196_1403726325510_1520670_n


Our first trip to Texas66993_4932982234702_55422131_nKayaking in the Caribbean

We love you, Dad.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to your father!!! Love you girls!!!

  2. Such a lovely and touching tribute to your dad. Crying as I type this. I, also, lost my dad when he was 61. He died very suddenly with no warning when I was a senior in college. I empathize with you…it’s a huge void, one that you learn to accept over time but one than can never be filled. Beautiful photos and memories. xo

    • Sherry Jones-Dodd
    • 06-13-14

    How touching your tribute to your wonderful father!
    I had the pleasure of meeting your mother at the Watercolor shop that she works partime. Our son, Justin, had flown in to spend the Mother’s Day weekend with us there and long story short we found out he was friends on Facebook with one of you! Keep up the incredible work you all do!! It’s amazing !!

    • Tanya
    • 06-14-14

    LOVE the tribute to your dad! He is always with you and watching over you and I know his heart is full of love and pride for each one of you. Well done! Tanya

  3. My dad passed away in 2005, this time of year is always rough. Ill be thinking of you ladies!

  4. Very touching tribute to your darling daddy! So lucky that I had the chance to know him and I know he is looking down on you all and is SO very proud of each of you. Sending lots of love to you all always.


    • Sydney Leonard
    • 06-22-15

    Made me tear up. I still remember hearing the news about your dad while living in the Pi Phi house. You are so fortunate to have loving sisters, and I know Perennial Style would be one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences your dad referenced.

    Sending love!
    Syd & Alex

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