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As a girl who got her first cell phone at the age of 13, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Apart from relying on it to manage our social lives, an iPhone has so many more benefits we often disregard. Consider the amount of iPhone cases purchased over the past year to add a decorative flair (as well as protection) to our mobile devices. What if each of these iPhone cases sold could help provide mobile technology to those in need?cases that care kidogo kidogo

Kim and Kristen Waeber created Kidogo Kidogo for this exact reason and to bring awareness to the importance of mobile technology through their Cases that Care program. Kidogo Kidogo recognized that only 36% of women in Tanzania have cell phones, which means only a small portion of these women have the security, safety, and important updates we can receive through mobile technology. With their Cases that Care program, Kidogo Kidogo helps provide these women with mobile phones through the sales of their adorable phone covers. For every two phone cases sold, a woman in Tanzania receives a mobile phone, a SIM card, and mobile credits to operate the phone.

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I am loving my new iPhone case from Kidogo Kidogo. The quality and weight of the cover guarantees protection of my iPhone, as well as a festive summer look with the fun flamingo design! It’s amazing how one simple purchase of $30 could provide so much security for a woman in need. Be sure to visit their website to shop all of these adorable cases and to learn more about this amazing program.

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