Elia Beach: The Mykonos Beach You Need On Your Radar

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I recently shared a post about what to do in Mykonos (town), but today I want to take a few steps away from the city center to highlight a beach that may or may not be on your radar: Elia Beach.

While I’m sure every Greek Isle is heavenly, Mykonos is definitely a traveller’s paradise. Unlike Santorini that is perched along a cliffside, Mykonos is a “beach island”. With dozens of accessible beaches all offering a unique vibe, it’s easy to drift away into relaxation and serenity wherever you go!

One of my favorite beaches we visited in Mykonos was Elia Beach. Elia Beach is the largest of the southern chain of Mykonos Beaches, and just a quick journey from the Chora. With comfy lounge beds and umbrellas lined along the sand, we soaked in the views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby island of Naxos on the horizon, with mojitos in hand.

Elia Beach Mykonos Mediterranean Restaurant

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If you plan to visit, be sure to have lunch at Elia Mykonos Mediterranean Restaurant. The open-air layout combined with boho, modern decor was such a chic location to soak in the beauty and ambiance of Elia Beach!

Elia Beach isn’t very far from Mykonos town, however, we recommend renting a car, taking public transportation, or renting an ATV to venture out to the beach – and remember, taxis are few are far between!

Fun fact about Elia Beach: it’s also one of the most popular nudist and gay beaches in Mykonos. While it’s definitely family friendly, it offers something for everyone ;)

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For those of you who crave a little excitement during your travels, Mykonos is the spot to let loose and have fun. Since it’s often referred to as the “party island” throughout Greece, there are plenty of wild beaches to show off your crazy side. If you’re looking for something a bit wilder than Elia, be sure to stop by Paradise and Super Paradise beaches. These are two of the most popular beaches in Mykonos and have become known for their wild parties – so get ready.

What To Do In Elia Beach Mykonos

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Elia Beach Mykonos Best Restaurant

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