How To Revamp Old Clothes With RIT Dye

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How to dye clothesWe’ve all been there – that moment when you find a piece of clothing you love, and due to an unfortunate situation like a spill or tossing it in the wash with the wrong color palate, your item is left looking drab and spotted, rather than vibrant and fab. This recently happened to me when I tried to wear a neon green JOA boxy top on a rainy and muddy St. Patricks Day – big mistake. After a quick trip to the dry cleaners, my shirt arrived home looking washed out and blah with no neon in sight. Since I had only worn the shirt one time and loved the fit, I decided to get creative and pull out an old trick my mom taught me when I was younger: RIT Dye.

RIT Dye is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to bring your clothes back to life. Whether you are feeling creative and want to give your favorite piece a new hue, or just want to bring your faded blacks back to life with this, RIT Dye is a simple and quick solution for all of your needs. Since my top began as green, I chose a blue dye for a safe option in the same color family.

dit dye DIY project

1. Gather all of your ingredients: 1 bottle of RIT Dye, 1 cup of salt, 1 large pot of water

how to use rit dye

2. Pour 1 cup of salt into the pot of hot (but not boiling) water.
salt rit dye

3. Pour 1 cup of RIT Dye into the water. Stir to mix the ingredients.
Rit Dye Stovetop

4. Drop the item of clothing into the pot and stir to make sure the entire piece is under the water.
Dye JOA Crop Top

Blue Rit Dye Project

5. Let the item soak in the pot for 30 minutes to absorb the dye.


JOA crop top dye

6. After the 30 minutes has ended, carefully run the item under hot water (eventually switching to cold water) to rinse out all the dye. Once the color stops flowing through the sink, drop the item in the washing machine on one cycle with cold water and detergent to thoroughly rinse the dye. Hang dry the item, then admire your new masterpiece!

Ellen Flowers Dallas Ellison James Earrings RIT dye crop top J Brand Lovestory JOA Crop Top Dallas Street Style J Brand Lovestory Jeans Royal Blue crop top

Get the Look:
JOA boxy top // J Brand Lovestory Flares // Michael Kors Belt // Kevin Aucoin Lipstick // Hermes Bracelet // Rolex Watch // David Yurman Bracelets 

** RIT Dye is carried is most grocery stores in the detergent department. One piece of advice if you choose to use RIT Dye: be very careful when handling the dye. It will stain anything it comes in contact with, so make sure to wear something you don’t care about when dying your other items. **

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  1. You are pure genius, this is a such a brilliant idea. I definitely have ruined several items before. Instantly inspired.

    • Brian
    • 07-08-14

    That top looks great on you.

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