5 Items To Keep In Your Bag To Stay Refreshed After A Long Day

Janie Flowers Dallas
 how-to-stay-refreshed-after-a-long-dayThough I love the swirl of excitement surrounding the holidays, it’s also the season where my schedule is jam packed with work, events, and dozens of social outings – tis the season to celebrate. Since I generally don’t have time to swing by my apartment for a post-work makeover, I’ve come to rely on stashing some of my favorite products in my handbag for a quick refresh on the go. A dash of color and a simple spritz really go a long way! Check out these five items to keep in your bag to stay refreshed after a long day:

1.       A Neutral Lip-Gloss

A lip gloss is one of the easiest ways to look refreshed and alive after a long day.  A gloss is also great because it’s so low maintenance, but gives your look a subtle shimmer! 

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2.        Bronzer 

Ever find your make-up looks drab by the end of the day, but you have no time to start over?  A quick dust of bronzer will give your face the right amount of color to bring your look back to life. We love a bronzer with a bit of shimmer in the powder.

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3.       Hydrating Face Mist

Keep your young, dewy look all day with a hydrating face mist.  This is used over your makeup to moisturize your face, while giving your skin a beautiful glow.  Just make sure to hold it far enough away from your face for a light mist. The Clinique mist is our current favorite, but here are some other great options:

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4.       Rollerball Perfume

We never walk out of the house without a quick spritz of perfume, so keeping a stash in your bag will help you feel refreshed and more feminine! There’s nothing better than being that person that everyone compliments for their signature scent, so be sure to stash your favorite rollerball in your bag.

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5.       Hair Brush

Such a simple tool that can be immediately tame your hair with one quick brush. Keep one of these in your purse to fight those gusty winds or snow flurries that wreak havoc on your look.  Don’t leave the house without one!
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