Travel Tips: How To Rent Luxury Cars At Economy Prices

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When it comes to traveling, I like to think I’ve mastered the art of finding discounted flights, hotels deals, etc. However, after two rental car mishaps, I decided it was time to do some research to see what in the world I was missing. Originally I booked both rentals through a large online search engine. The first one I didn’t pre-pay and chose an economy full-sized sedan. While it seemed like a good price, when I returned the car I was SHOCKED to discover the fees and additional charges had doubled the original price of the car. Lesson learned: pre-pay.

On my second rental, I decided to pre-pay for a compact car. While the price was phenomenal, my car was so compact that my friends wouldn’t stop referring to it as the “Tic Tac mobile”. This white ultra-compact SUV was by far the smallest vehicle I’ve ever driven, and my suitcase wouldn’t even fit in the backseat. Lesson learned: request a desired car.

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Now I am not a car snob by any means, but if I’m paying for a rental car for my vacation, I like to get the most bang for my buck. If I can rent a luxury car for the same price as an economy car, why not choose the better option? Everyone loves traveling in style, so whether you own a BMW at home or simply want an upgrade to treat yourself on vacay, booking a premium car at an economy price makes everything so much better!

So the question remains, how do you book a premium car at an economy price?  The answer is simple: Sixt Rent A Car.

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If you’ve never heard of Sixt Rent A Car, it’s because the company didn’t launch in the US until 2011. Sixt was originally started in Germany over 100 years ago, and now has over 4,000 locations in over 105 countries making it the largest premium rental car company!

What makes Sixt the best are the car rental options available online. Say goodbye to compact cars, and hello to Mercedes G Wagons & Range Rovers! With Sixt, you can find a full array of premium cars at a variety of accessible price points. Choose a Jaguar Convertible for your wine-tasting weekend in Napa or a BMW X5 for a weekend in the mountains with friends. With so many great options, you can really travel in style. Best of all, if you plan to travel with friends, splitting the cost among the group makes the rate even better!  

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Since Sixt is an international company, it’s super easy to use when you plan to leave the country! We partnered with Sixt for our recent Eastern European road trip, and the entire process was a breeze! We reserved a BMW 5 Series and picked it up at the Budapest airport. The process was just like any US rental, and since we completed all of the information online in advance, we simply gave our passports, signed a form, and hit the road! Since our luxury car had built-in GPS, we easily traveled through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Slovenia in our rental.  Renting a car internationally really has never been easier.

(Tip: We got an international drivers license before the trip to be safe. You can get this at your local AAA branch!)

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Since I learned it’s always best to pre-pay for rental cars, I highly recommend pre-paying with Sixt as well. This will allow you to get up to 25% off your rental – which is incredible!

Whether you’re planning a quick work trip or a getaway with friends, skip the boring economy cars and spice up your journey with Sixt. Trust us, you’ll love it!

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While this post was in partnership with Sixt, the opinions expressed are my own.


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