Ephesus, Turkey: One of The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World



Welcome back to my European adventure aboard Jewel of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of my journey through the Mediterranean, and today I’m taking you to one of my favorite countries I visited: Turkey.

When I first read the itinerary for our adventure, I was absolutely delighted to experience so many new places. While Santorini and Mykonos have always seemed beyond dreamy, Turkey was the one that stuck out the most. Ever since I was little, Turkey has been on my travel bucket list. From the city life of Istanbul to coastal towns of Bodrum and Kemer, I’ve always been intrigued by this country!

My first stop in Turkey was the port at Selçuk, where we hopped on a bus for our journey to Ephesus. As one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Ephesus was such a unique place to visit and dates back to 10th Century BC. While the Celsius Library was my favorite structure within Ephesus, I also loved the Grande Theatre and Temple of Artemis. Did you know Ephesus is regarded as one of the best preserved ancient ruins, second to Rome?

If you’re planning a trip to Turkey and have Izmir on your list, hop on a local bus and head over to Ephesus. It’s about an hour drive and definitely worth a day trip to experience one of the seven wonders of the ancient world!

Also, if you plan to visit the ruins, wear comfortable shoes and dress conservatively (I recommend long sleeves!)

Take a look at my Ephesus journey below. If you’ve been, what was your experience?

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