14 Tips & Tricks for Looking Fashionable & Refreshed After Long Flights With Emirates Airline



After traveling as much as we have, we’ve learned the importance of traveling well. From strategically packing to navigating airports, what to wear while traveling and how to entertain ourselves in-flight, taking the time to plan your travel day (not just your vacation) really makes a huge difference in the journey!

We recently connected with Emirates Airline to learn all about the airline – as well as to gain some serious wanderlust for Dubai. For those of you that have boarded a 10+ hour flight, you know how groggy and discombobulated you can feel upon arrival. Apart from a major time change and a killer urge to walk around, the number one thing I want to do when I land is take a shower and give myself a mini makeover.

Well, after speaking with a few members of Emirates Airline team who have mastered long flights like champs, they filled us in on 14 of their favorite travel tips for looking fashionable and refreshed after a long journey. Whether it’s a simple hair braid, switching up your on-board snacks, or the best products to keep in your carry-on, check out these tips before boarding your next long flight!

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they are a major cause of dehydration. Instead, try a fruit juice to keep you hydrated during your trip.
  • Nuts contain anti-inflammatory fats that fill you up for longer, which means you won’t opt for processed snack foods. The Omega-3 acids in nuts, such as peanuts and walnuts, will make your complexion glow.
  • Avoid sodium in processed snacks such as chips and pretzels to keep from bloating while on board. Water based foods, like fruits and raw vegetables, will not only keep you hydrated and prevent puffiness, but will also give you the added boost of important antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients.
  • In order to prevent your hair from falling flat, especially where you have slept on it, use an inflatable neck pillow. If you have forgotten one, ask for a blanket and roll it into a shape that fits comfortably around your neck. Pulling you hair back into a braid, bun or ponytail will also tame your locks.
  • To stop hair from looking static, rub a drop of water on your hands and smooth over your hair. You can also use a pea-sized amount of hand cream or lip gloss to smooth down fly-aways and get frizz under control.
  • Splashing water on your face at least once throughout the flight will help to wash off grease and oils and rehydrate the skin making for a fresher look upon landing.
  • Upon landing, apply a tinted moisturizer to your cheeks, fix your eyebrows, and apply Chapstick or lip gloss. Cream-based makeup infuses your skin with moisture and won’t leave powder all over your bag. Plus you don’t need a brush!
  • If possible use mineral based makeup products if you are not removing makeup.
  • Avoid waterproof mascaras as this will dry out the lashes on board – try something like this
  • Travel size dry shampoo, can give a clean fresh appearance to hair, especially if you have a meeting directly from the flight.
  • Keep hair tame while travelling on long flights by tying it back into a bun, braid or a low pony tail. This will keep it from tangling and keep it looking fresh when you take it down at arrival.
  • Pack a small brush or comb in your purse or carry on to straighten hair in the airport.
  • Natural skin products are the best type to use before getting on a plane. The lower levels of oils keep your skin maintained when combined with minimal makeup.
  • Roll on perfume fits nicely into purses and other small carry ons.

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