5 Ways To Transition Your White Dresses From Summer To Fall

How To Wear A White Dress In Fall (11 of 17)

Happy Fall Y’all! While sipping rose poolside is my essential summer activity, I’m more than excited my favorite season has finally arrived: fall. As the leaves start turning, the temperature starts to drop, and that familiar scent in the air instantly reintroduces some of my favorite memories, my mood instantly improves – as well as my wardrobe!

Living in the South means my wardobe is seriously limited in the summer months. I’m always seeing photos of girls in California or New York looking oh-so-chic in jeans during the summer, but from spring to fall I swear off denim to save myself from the Texas heat overload. As we say goodbye to summer, I’m excited to reintroduce some of my favorite wardrobe staples, such as booties, jeans, light jackets, and more.

Rather than completely boxing up my summer clothing, I like to find ways to transition some of my favorite pieces from season to season. This IRO white dress was one of my favorite finds this summer (now on sale!), so I plan to continue rocking it all season long. The No White After Labor Day rule is a thing of the past, so today I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to transition your favorite white dresses from summer to fall!

5 Ways To Transition Your White Dresses From Summer To Fall

1. Cinch It With A Leather Belt

I personally believe you can never go wrong with cinching a dress with a belt. Not only is it incredibly flattering, but it also gives a new element to every look. I loved how flowy this IRO dress was for summer, but adding a wide leather belt to the look gives a warmer look to the dress and adds structure. If wide belts aren’t your cup of tea, a Western belt is a perfect contrast with the feminine lace detail!

2. Add A Denim Or Leather Jacket

Fall is the season of layering, so mix up a favorite LWD with a leather or denim jacket. Not only will it transition your look, but it will also keep you warm!

3. Rock A Pair Of Booties

Whether you’re dressing for a tailgate or date night, booties go with everything in the fall. Switch up your summer look by pairing your dress with a pair of booties. Choose a simple suede pair for a classic look, or give your dress some edge with a pair of studded leather booties. Get creative and add some personality to your outfit with your shoe choice!

4. Toss A Chunky Knit Sweater Over It

Want to look effortlessly chic? Toss a chunky knit sweater over your LWD for a cozy and feminine style. You can reinvent so many of your dresses as skirts simply by tossing a sweater over it – talk about doubling your wardrobe!

5. Darken Your Accessories

Last but not least, switch up your accessories. Leave the bright statement earrings or colorful clutches at home, and pair your white dress with accessories in deeper tones like emerald, maroon, navy, and browns.

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