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StudioHop Fitness App


studiohop app

As a girl who gets excited about the large variety of workout classes in a city (…or perhaps just the excuse to wear a large variety of trendy workout outfits), I have found committing to one single fitness studio is nearly impossible and quite boring. Due to this, I either enroll in way too many “studio specials” at a variety of gyms OR just skip the gym all together – neither one really works in my favor. Luckily with one of the most convenient new apps available in Dallas, all of this is about to change!

Meet StudioHop: your golden pass to hop around from the yoga mat to the surf board right on over to the weight room, all with one single membership! StudioHop is a local Dallas company that offers monthly memberships to a variety of high-quality local fitness studios to incorporate a well-rounded workout routine to balance out your lifestyle. Since most of us rarely stop in our busy days, you can easily schedule your class on the go through the website or mobile app in just a few seconds!

If you are anything like me, a little push from a friend or sister is often what I need to get myself to the gym. With the fun sharing options on the app, my friends can simply share their schedule with me through the app and I can sign up for whatever classes spike my interest! It’s such a simple way to stay connected with friends, and the perfect alternative to the post-work happy hour!
studiohop fitness
Though other apps have had similar concepts for a single membership to a variety of studios, StudioHop is the best app I’ve seen yet. Rather than placing a limit on certain studios, you have the option to attend each studio an unlimited amount of times! Also, studios partnering with StudioHop do not black out class times to app users – meaning if there is a spot available in the class, any member is welcome to use it!
The app launches in Dallas in January 2015, but membership and membership gift cards (perfect stocking stuffer!) can now be pre-ordered online. Visit the StudioHop website to learn more about the trendiest new fitness app to hit Dallas! Hope to see you in class xo!
StudioHop Fitness App
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  1. I’ve been hearing about this… Such an awesome concept! Happy holidays to you girls :-)

    Heidi D.

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