Let’s Do Coffee with BAILEYS™ Coffee Creamers

baileys lets do coffee promotion dallas flowers sisters

baileys lets do coffee promotion dallas flowers sisters

Good memories are what make good friendships. When a pair of friends get together, the conversation will always lead to “Remember the time…” But to keep the bonds of friendship strong, you need to make new memories, which is why BAILEYS™ Coffee Creamers is launching this “Let’s Do Coffee” promotion.

For anyone that sees the three of us together, it’s evident we are more than just sisters – but truly best friends. Though we all live in the same city, our schedules are often quite busy, so remembering to take the time to get together and catch up is always one of our top priorities.  We’ve stuck together from Alabama to Virginia to Texas, but our high school and college friends are spread throughout the country, so despite the endless texts and calls, meeting for a cup of coffee and sharing a hug would be more than delightful!

baileys lets do coffee promotion dallas flowers sistersbaileys lets do coffee creamer promotion

We are excited to share the “Let’s Do Coffee” promotion with all of you today to provide YOU with a chance to reconnect with your best friend.  Friendships come in many forms, whether it be with your family, a lifelong neighbor, a work bestie, etc, everyone deserves a chance to reconnect with the ones they love the most! The winner of the promotion will receive a $5,000 grand prize package including a $2,000 American Airlines gift card, a $1,500 Hotels.com gift card, and a $2,000 gift card for a vacation to be shared with your best friend to create new memories!

baileys lets do coffee

To enter to win, visit Lets-Do-Coffee.com and create an avatar like ours below of you with a friend then share it on social media using the phrase “Let’s Do Coffee with #MyBAILEYScreamers”.   The contest will also include weekly winners that will have a chance to choose between seven prize packs based on the location of your photo, including: city rooftop, tropical beach, poolside, sailing, paint class, yoga class, or a bike path ride.


For more information about the promotion, visit Lets-Do-Coffee.com. Best of luck and we hope you win the chance to reconnect with your best friend!

While this is a sponsored post by BAILEYS™ Coffee Creamers all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own.


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