4 Flatware Trends To Dress Up Your Dinner Table


gold flatware table setting trend marble

As three Southern sisters, we learned the importance of setting a table at a young age. With our mom’s china closet packed with different collections for any occasion and enough silver to be passed along among the three of us, setting a table was not only about practicality – but rather a step that’s just as important as what’s being served for dinner.

While this method continues forward in our lives today, we love to add a modern twist to a traditional table setting. Whether it’s switching the Waterford glasses for simple wine glasses, a classic china pattern with a rimless plate, or using metallic chargers in place of a white tablecloth, we’ve learned a table setting can easily switch between chic or traditional for any occasion with a few easy changes.

While most people tend to have numerous china collections, varying sets of chargers, and endless wine glasses, we’ve noticed most people (including ourselves until recently) only have two flatware collections: everyday and silver. Having excess of anything really isn’t necessary, but just like having lots of shoes, we like having lots of kitchen essentials to spice up a table.

Lately we’ve fallen in love with all of the new flatware trends, and with so many retailers offering styles for affordable prices, it’s easy to enhance your collection! We’re sharing our four favorite new flatware trends below, so keep reading to learn how you can easily dress up your next dinner party with these fun styles!


Are we really surprised by this one? Rose gold has been such an influence in decor for quite sometime now, and we love how this feminine style can really soften a table setting.

rose gold table setting

viarose gold flatware modern table setting


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I’ve always preferred gold to silver, which is why I chose a simple gold-rimmed design for my first china pattern. While gold is such a classic flatware style, we’re seeing it pop up in some of our favorite stores making it easily accessible for any occasion.

Gold flatware table setting

viafeminine gold flatware pink table settingviagold flatware marble table settingvia

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I can go ahead and say black isn’t for everyone, but I LOVE how bold it looks with a simple white setting. It’s unexpected and edgy, but really makes an impact!


viaBlack Flatware Table Setting


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A final trend I want to share today is the mixed-metal flatware style. We’ve seen it mixed with gold, silver, black, marble – you name it. While we may get tired of this for everyday use, it really is fun for the occassional get-together!

mixed metal gold and white table setting

viamixed metal gold and pink table setting

viamixed metal flatware gold and black


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Are you up for trying one of these new trends? Let us know your favorite!


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