How To Beat Humidity: 6 Fashion Tips To Stay Cool On Humid Days

secret deoderant clinical strength (3 of 4)

secret deoderant clinical strength (3 of 4)

There are plenty of perks to growing up in the South – we have sweet tea, easy access to white sand beaches, and of course, Southern hospitality. However, the one downfall of living in the South is that humidity is a part of life. No matter how much hairspray we put in our hair, as soon as we step outside the frizz will set in. Though people try to say “Southern girls don’t sweat, they glisten”, sweat happens and it’s brutal. Since there’s no way to avoid the negative effects of humidity, we’ve learned to edit our lifestyles to stay cool. We recently shared beauty tips on how to combat the heat, so today we’re focusing on what to wear. Check out our 6 fashion tips below on how to stay cool on humid days!

how to dress for humidity

Choose breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and natural fabrics
Avoid silks and polyester that trap moisture and heat! Wearing breathable fabrics will help you stay cool in your clothes, which in turn will also help prevent embarrassing sweat marks.

Wear loose or billowy clothes – Maxi dresses are always a win
While a tight mini dress may seem cooler than a breezy maxi dress that covers your legs, clothes that touch your body will actually make you feel hotter. So rather than looking at the size of an item, choose an outfit with a billowy fabric!

Wear Secret Deodorant To Stay Dry
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secret deoderant clinical strength (4 of 4)

Try to avoid lined dresses
From experience, there’s nothing more uncomfortable on a hot day than a summer dress with a silk or synthetic liner. I HATE being hot, and I’ve found these liners are the number one culprit for the sauna effect. They can keep heat trapped inside, plus they can cling to your skin. Stay away on humid days if you can!

Wear bralettes
Have you ever tried wearing a major padded bra on a super hot day? Trust me, I have – and seriously there’s nothing worse than a thick layer of padding on your chest when humidity is high. Keep the sweating to a minimum with thin bralettes that are less weight and fabric.

Avoid colors like black or navy
Darker colors absorb more light, therefore you will feel a lot hotter in black than lighter colors. Sure it’s not a huge difference, but when you’re in the South with extreme humidity, any little change can make a difference!

fashion tips for humidity

What are your tips for staying cool on humid days? Click here to learn more about Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant.

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