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Growing up, my sisters and I spent every weekend at the beach. Destin was just a quick drive from Dothan, AL, so we’d hit the road every Friday after school to head down to the beach house. I’d say the majority of my childhood was spent in a swimsuit, and to this day, the beach will forever be my happy place. There’s just something about the ocean that’s so calming, and if Dallas was closer, I’d be there every weekend!

While I tend to go a bit more natural for a day on the beach, I still like to do a bit of primping for a day on the sand – what can I say, I was raised in the South and primping is a way of life. Rather than applying my everyday makeup routine, I prefer a few simple products to make myself look put-together, while providing the right amount of protection for a day in the sun.

Despite the way I look when I hit the beach, a mixture between the sun-beating sweats (yes, sweat) and a post-ocean plunge can make me look a bit disheveled. Since my friends and I love hanging out on 30A after a long day at the beach, I like to rely on six simple products to keep me glam all day:


Tinted SPF

Tinted SPF is one of my favorite products on the market, since it doubles as both protection and color. Not only is this great to bring with you to reapply throughout the day to avoid sun damage, the tinted factor acts as a light foundation – giving your face just the right amount of color and coverage, without the weight of a heavy foundation.

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

Sweat happens, it’s a part of life. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. However, we’ve all experienced the unpleasant situation of standing too close to the girl who forgot her deoderant – and let’s be honest, no one wants to be known as “that girl”. The one product I love and trust to keep me protected all day is Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant. Whether you choose the Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid or the Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel, Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant keeps sweating under control by keeping you dry and odor-free by providing 2x the sweat protection vs an ordinary antiperspirant! 

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Texture Spray

While I can spend 30 minutes in Dallas working on “beach waves”, one dip in the ocean and my hair dries with the BEST beach waves naturally – there’s literally nothing better. When I need a bit of oomph after a day on the beach, I spritz a bit of texture spray in my hair to keep my waves all night. It’s the simplest beauty hack, but it works wonders!

Tinted SPF Lip Balm

Have you ever tried wearing lip gloss on the beach? Not only is the wind blowing your hair into your lip gloss, sand is sticking to your gloss too. It’s just a mess. To give my lips a hint of color, I always choose a tinted lip balm. Aside from the subtle color, the SPF also protects my lips from sunburns and drying out. It’s definitely an essential!

Waterproof Mascara

Smokey eyes are my addiction, but too much eye makeup will quickly run down my face when I jump in the ocean – hello raccoon. I always rely on a drugstore waterproof mascara to accentuate my lashes, without worrying about it coming off when I sweat or go swimming.

Bronzer + Highlighter Compact

Since tanning isn’t my goal of a beach day anymore, I like to keep a bronzer and highlighter combo in my beach bag to apply before happy hour for a shimmery/sunkissed glow. Finding a dual compact is my favorite because it’s quick and easy.

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While this post was sponsored by Secret, the opinions expressed are my own.

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